Congratulations to NACCM’s Newest Certificants!

The NACCM Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following individuals for successfully passing the certification examination and achieving the designation of CMC in July 2020.

Janis Adams
Ashley Binneboese
Michelle Borkowicz
Kari Lee Byrne
Lea Clemmons
Sonkaya Corey
Jennifer Crowley
Jonquille Damian
Rochel Deutsch
Nikki Edwards
Lee Ann Hitchman
Autumn Holt
Shanna Huber
Mary Johnson
Wynter Kettlewell
Mary Lain
Marci Levinson
Josephine Levy
Tina McDaniel
Patricia McIntyre
Katelyn Meeks
Dominique Mendez
Tamra Meurer
Katie Myers
Linda Novosel
Mehreen Raheel
Rhonda Robeson
Bonnie Springborn
Elizabeth Thompson
Hannah Thompson
Phoenix Tinson
Jessica Trimble
Bahamia Ulysse
Jeffrey Whitehouse