NACCM often receives calls regarding the process for renewing the CMC. Based on the questions received and tips shared from CMCs, we offer the following tips.

1. READ the CMC Recertification Instructions Packet!

2. Start tracking your contact hours from the time you receive your certificate.

3. Be sure each certificate of attendance/CE certificate includes your name, the course title, location, date, number of contact hours earned, and the signature of the speaker or sponsoring organization.

4. If the contact hours are not noted on the certificate, attach a copy of the agenda to the certificate.

5. Immediately after attending an educational program, document the information on the Continuing Education Summary Form and attach a copy of the certificate and anything else needed. File in your NACCM folder.

6. When submitting a certificate of attendance from the Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) or chapters, be sure to initial the sessions you attended on the back side of the certificate. If the program is pre-approved by NACCM and a grid is provided on the certificate, each session does not have to be listed separately on the Continuing Education Summary Form.

7. Not sure if a program will be accepted? Check the Recertification guidelines.

8. Supervision, peer supervision/consultation sessions, and networking meetings DO NOT count as continuing education.

9. Plan ahead!! There is nothing more frustrating than trying to remember what continuing education programs you attended over the last 3 years!