*Fields related to care management include: child and family studies, counseling, gerontology, human services, nursing, psychology, rehabilitation, public health, sociology, social work, marriage and family therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy, respiratory therapy, and speech and language therapy.

eligibility_178612409**Full-time employment is defined as a minimum of 35 hours per week. (Part-time employment can be used. Refer to the conversion table in Handbook for Candidates.)

In determining eligibility, applicant must be currently working in the field of care management and care management work experience must begin after earning the degree applicant is using to qualify. NACCM will consider employment experiences within the last 10 years toward eligibility.

Care management experience must include all five of the NACCM Content Domains:

Domain I. Assess and identify client strengths, needs, concerns, and preferences
Domain II. Establish goals and a plan of care
Domain III. Implement care plan
Domain IV. Manage and monitor the ongoing provision of and need for care
Domain V. Ensure professional practice and supervision of care management

All employment experience must be fully satisfied at the time of application deadline.

Internship, preceptor-ship, practicum and volunteer activities are NOT accepted employment/experience.

Supervision/Consultation is defined as individual, group or peer review of performance, use of clinical skills and core care manager functions. Supervision/consultation can be provided by professional colleagues, mentors, clinical supervisors or program managers who are preferably (but not required to be) certified in care management.

Each year of required care management experience must include 50 hours of supervision/consultation.