In preparation for the CMC examination, it is recommended that Candidates have a good understanding of the principles of care management, as contained in the Handbook for Candidates, in the section, Content of Examination and Content Domains and Care Manager Tasks. The NACCM Examination Committee prepares and manages the CMC exam, independent of any education or test preparation courses.

Candidates may determine their own study path and are not required to purchase study materials offered by NACCM or any other source.

The NACCM Education Council, a separate body from the Examination Committee, has developed and offers a Certification Exam Prep Course. It is an optional study program taught by experts in the field of care management and is structured to review and reflect on core information essential for care management practice. Presentations are based on content domains, not the exam. Exam Prep Course content is reviewed annually by the Education Council to reflect current practice, but is not affiliated with exam development, actual exam content, or any work done by the Examination Committee.

CMC Exam Prep Course
Five webinars taught by experts in the field of care management to help prepare candidates for the exam. Sessions cover essential knowledge areas for Care Managers. Care management knowledge is gained through a variety of methods: formal education/training, ongoing professional development, practice experience, and supervision. During the CMC exam, you will be asked to apply knowledge you have gained throughout your career using all of these methods. Taking this webinar series or any other prep course is optional and will not give you an advantage or guarantee a passing score.

Registration for this series opens approximately 8 weeks prior to each testing window.

Online Practice Test
To experience taking a computerized exam, to review content included in Care Management, and to learn more about question format, style, and level of difficulty an online practice test is available through The Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) website. The practice test consists of 50 questions and is taken online. Please click here for more information.

Study Materials
The NACCM Handbook for Candidates includes a list of books and journals used by the question writers and are provided to assist candidates in preparing for the examination.

Important information about the CMC exam:

The CMC exam has been carefully vetted, standardized and validated. It does not primarily rely on rote memorization. You will need to apply your knowledge by answering multiple choice questions written by seasoned professionals who work in a wide array of care management practice settings. You should expect to find questions that are answered easily with great certainty and other questions that seem harder and are answered with less certainty.

Please be aware that NACCM has no association with nor endorses any outside entity offering CMC examination preparatory courses or materials.