The best way to ensure a complete application is to read the NACCM Handbook for Candidates in its entirety before completing the application.


  • How is CM defined by NACCM?

    One’s job title alone does not constitute eligibility. Care Management experience must include ALL FOUR content domains and related care management tasks.

  • What is not considered Care Management?

    Most coordinator, administrator or director positions are not considered to be care management. Care management is done with individuals, not communities. Care managers follow clients across different settings and work with other care managers in specific settings. As agency positions vary, it depends on the job responsibilities of the employee/candidate and if they perform all the care management functions listed in the handbook.

  • I have direct client experience in caring for my parent/loved one/family member/etc. Will NACCM accept this direct client experience?

    No. NACCM requires all work experience to be paid and full time (or part-time equivalent, see conversion chart in Handbook for Candidates).

  • My job title is service coordinator/nurse care manager/social work care manager/etc. Am I qualified to take the NACCM exam?

    Eligibility criteria is based on education AND paid, full time, supervised (50 hours/year) care management experience AND direct experience with clients in the field, not job title alone. Candidates must perform each of the four content domains.

  • I have a Master's Degree in Administration and I am the Clinical Director at a home care company coordinating all caregiver assignments, matching caregivers with clients, and making sure the care plan meets clients needs. I supervise and train the caregivers; do follow up question/answers with clients. Does this qualify as CM experience?

    NACCM requires that care management experience includes all the five content domains and related care management tasks as described in the Handbook for Candidates. The above duties does NOT fulfill this requirement.

  • I am a BSN and Clinical Supervisor for a large CM company. I am responsible for the training and supervision of 20 CM's and provide support/back up to regional managers as needed. I have 10 years of nursing experience in hospitals, clinics and homecare. Do I meet the requirements under Option B?

    NACCM requires candidates with a BSN to have two (2) years of paid, full time, supervised care management experience.


  • Does my supervisor have to be a CMC?

    Supervision/consultation can be provided by professional colleagues, mentors, clinical supervisors or program managers who are preferably (but not required to be) certified in care management. The individual that acts as supervisor must be qualified to and responsible for evaluating the applicants use of clinical skills and core care management tasks.

  • I am confused about the supervised care management experience. I supervise several case workers and clients, does this count towards supervision requirements?

    Supervision/consultation is defined as individual, group or peer review of performances, use of clinical skills, core care manager functions, record review, case examples, current practice issues, ethical dilemmas, care management interventions, and quality evaluation measures. NACCM requires that candidates receive 1-3 years of supervision (50 hours/year). Click here for more information.


  • Are online degrees accepted for the education requirement?

    Online degrees are accepted from accredited on-line universities as long as it is in a field related to care management. NACCM may require that the candidate submit a copy of the curriculum or transcripts with course titles and descriptions.

  • I have a certificate in gerontology from an accredited university. Can I use that towards my education requirement?

    Certificates are not a conferred degree however if you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in an unrelated field along with your gerontology certificate you would be eligible to apply under Option B.

  • I have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Master of Social Work. I am confused regarding which to list on the Education Verification Form

    First, determine the criteria for under which you meet eligibility. If you have a minimum of one (1) year of paid, full time supervised care management experience post Master’s degree, you meet Option A and you would use your Master’s of Social Work as your degree being used to meet eligibility. If you do not, and you have a minimum of two (2) years of paid, full time supervised care management experience post your BSN degree you would apply under Option B.

  • I have Master's Degree in Communications and my thesis subjects were adult day care attendees. Does my master's degree meet the eligibility requirements?

    A degree in communications, bachelor or masters, is not a field related to care management. NACCM refers to care management related fields as meeting all biological/psychological/social domains. Other degrees may only be biological, psychological or social, not a combination of all three. Please refer to Handbook for Candidates for a complete list of care management related fields.


  • I have plenty of work experience, 35+ years, but have not been in the care management field within the past 10 years. Am I eligible?

    The care management field is rapidly changing and care managers need to update knowledge and experience in order to be certified therefore, NACCM will only consider employment experience within the last 10 years towards eligibility.

  • I am a Director of Nursing, (or Program Director, Executive Director, Director of Social Work) for an agency that provides care management. I supervise care management supervisors and some care managers and attend peer review. Can I count 50% of my time toward care management?

    Candidates with jobs that are not 100% care management must be specific about the number of hours per week of care management that is performed. NACCM defines full time as a minimum of 35 hours/week. Should your hours be less than 35 hours/week please refer to the conversion chart in the Handbook for Candidates.

  • Since completion of my Master's Degree, I only have 6 months of paid, full-time supervised care management experience. How do I move forward to apply to sit for the CMC examination?

    If you do not have one (1) year of paid, full-time supervised CM experience POST Master’s degree at the time you submit your application, review Eligibility Option B and determine if your Bachelor’s degree and work experience meet the requirements.

  • How is part time work configured?

    Refer to conversion chart in the Handbook for Candidates.

  • I am currently not employed in care management but have 8 years experience in the care management field in the last 10 years. Am I eligible?

    No, NACCM certifies Care Managers who are currently working in the field of care management.


  • What is the cost of the exam?

    The fee to apply and sit for the exam is $275 per candidate.

  • How do I meet the supervision/consultation requirements for certification and recertification?

    The purpose of supervision/consultation is to enhance practice skill, improve consumer outcomes and to clarify ethical issues that arise in daily practice. Most of the major recognized professions have standards of practice that include a requirement for continuing review of performance indicators. These indicators relate to such issues as maintaining care management competence, quality of consumer care, legal and ethical issues, care team collaboration and resource management issues. Supervision is often a structured, regularly scheduled meeting between a practitioner and a supervisor. However, there are many acceptable and creative means of participating in supervisory activities that facilitate growth of the care manager. Consultative approaches to professional growth include peer supervision, case conferences and reviews, ethical dilemma resolution, and/or discussion of clinical issues within the dynamics of the consumer system. Practice enhancement through multiple consultative processes might occur within the context of regular peer group meetings, regularly scheduled and structured meetings or on an as needed basis. Structured and more informal forms of consultation/supervision, including telephonic meetings, are critical to address the fluid nature of care management practice, since crises and dilemmas arise randomly throughout the relationship.

  • How many questions are on the exam?

    The examination consists of 180 scored items, plus 20 pre-test items. The pre-test questions are randomly distributed throughout the examination and do not count towards a candidate’s score. The pre-test items are being evaluated to determine if they perform well enough statistically to be introduced as scored items on a future examination. Only the scored items count towards the candidate’s final score.

  • How long does it take to complete the exam?

    Maximum amount of time is 3.5 hours. Many people will finish in less time.

  • When is the exam offered?

    The Care Manager Certification Examination will be administered twice per year, during the months of April and October, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays.

  • Where is the exam offered?

    The Care Manager Certification Examination will be administered at computer-based testing facilities managed by Prometric. Please download the NACCM Handbook for Candidates for more information.

  • Will there be accommodations for any disabilities?

    Yes, all sites are ADA accessible and individual arrangements will be made. Please be sure to complete the section of the application for requesting special accommodations and to attach a statement of your need.

  • If I do not pass the exam, can I take it again?

    The Care Manager Certification Examination may be taken as often as desired upon filing of a new Application and fee. There is no limit to the number of times an examination may be repeated.


  • Where can I find additional reading materials to help prepare me to take the exam?

    The NACCM Handbook for Candidates includes a list of books and journals to assist candidates in preparing for the examination. The list is provided for informational purposes only and does not include all acceptable references.

  • I am not a good test taker, is there a practice test that I can take?

    Yes, the online practice test is available through The Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) website Please click here. The practice test is not required to take the CMC exam and does not guarantee a passing score.

  • Are there experts who can help me prepare for the exam?

    NACCM offers a series of five webinars developed by NACCM’s independent Education Council and led by experts who will cover essential knowledge areas for Care Managers. The Prep Course Series is offered during the month prior to each exam window. NACCM exam prep materials and/or webinars are not required to take the CMC exam and do not guarantee a passing score.


  • How long does it take for me to receive test results?

    Candidates will be notified in writing by Professional Testing Corporation within four weeks of the close of the testing window whether they have passed or failed the examination.

  • If I do not pass the exam, how long must I wait to retake it?

    The Care Manager Certification Examination may be taken as often as desired upon filing a new application and fee. There is no limit to the number of times an examination may be repeated.

  • How do I opt out of the active CMC list?

    To opt out, please contact NACCM at