479638473_interview_youngProfAs more and more care managers appear on the health care  scene, it is of critical importance to understand what their title means and their specific role responsibilities in serving members, clients and patients.   Many of the populations to be served in health and social care environments are the most complex and challenging cases.  The care managers must be skilled, knowledgeable and competent professionals to best meet this population’s needs.

The benefits of choosing a Care Manager, Certified (CMC) include but are not limited to:

  •  Greater assurance that the candidate has knowledge and skills in Care Management
  • Adheres to the NACCM Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • A demonstrated level of professionalism
  • Reduces real and perceived liability based on having Care Managers Certified on staff
  • Differentiates your services to consumers – “All our practicing professionals are certified”
  • Attracts business, contracts, funders – “Care coordination, care management experience, no problem…our care managers are credentialed through NACCM”