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5 sessions – 1 hour each, with 30-minute Q & A
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If you are planning to sit for the NACCM Certification Exam, consider purchasing the Spring 2023 on-demand pre-recorded Exam Prep Course series. All sessions are taught by experts in the field of care management. Not only will you cover essential knowledge areas, but you will also build your confidence as well. You may sign up for the complete series or for individual sessions.

Online registration for the Spring on-demand series is now open. Click here to complete a registration. Access to the audio recordings will disable on April 15, 2023. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a NACCM staff member at 520.884.4240 or

Webinar 1: Ethics & Business Practices in Care Management
Harriette Grooh, PHD, CMC    

In this webinar, participants will be guided through a review of the profession’s code of ethics and standards of practice. In clinical practice, there tend to be some basic ethical dilemmas that care managers face repeatedly. Yet, the solutions are always unique to the situation. Learn how to confidently approach and resolve ethical dilemmas when they arise. The instructor will distinguish between the role of consultation and supervision and demonstrate how utilizing both support systems helps promote thoughtful problem-solving and professional growth. Documentation of best practices will be discussed in this session. The webinar will conclude with a review of laws and business practices that are important for every care manager to understand.

Webinar 2: Intake – Termination
Lisa Mayfield, MA, LMHC, GMHS, CMC

In day to day practice, care managers often take the clinical process for granted. This webinar is an opportunity to re-examine intake through termination. Review how and why screening potential clients for service fit is important. Walk through the elements of a comprehensive assessment and explore how best to identify client needs, goals, and preferences. The instructor will also discuss how to develop and implement person-centered goals and care plans. Finally, the session will conclude by sharing best practices for the termination of services when the work is complete.

Webinar 3: Essential Practice Skills for Care Managers
Kate Granigan, MSW, LICSW, C-ASWCM

As a professional care manager, your job is on the front line and involves caring for vulnerable people who really need what you offer. This webinar will explore the roles, responsibilities, and practice techniques of care managers. Participants will examine clinical approaches/theories commonly used in practice such as strength-based, client-centered care, developmental stages, and family systems. Communication tools, including a review of Motivational Interviewing, will also be discussed. This session will wrap up by focusing on the nuts and bolts of effective cross-cultural practice.

Webinar 4: Aging & Dementia
Amy Abrams,

This webinar focuses on the most common medical causes of dementia, how the condition is diagnosed and reviews both pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods of management of symptoms. The instructor will also review normal aging cognitive changes and discuss how to differentiate these changes from the symptoms of dementia. Care planning, managing difficult behaviors, and supporting caregivers in their roles will also be examined.

Webinar 5:  Entitlements, Benefits & Legal Issues
Connie O. McKenzie, RN, CMC

Understanding and helping clients access entitlement programs and other benefits is essential when practicing as a care manager. This session provides an overview of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and Supplemental Security income. The instructor will also explain veterans’ pensions and Aid & Attendance. Finally, important estate planning tools will be reviewed.

Important information about the CMC exam:

Care management knowledge is gained through a variety of methods: formal education/training, ongoing professional development, practice experience, and supervision/consultation. During the CMC exam, you will be asked to apply knowledge you have gained throughout your career using all of these methods. The NACCM Education Council, a separate body from the Examination Committee, has developed and offers a Certification Exam Prep Course. It is an optional study program taught by experts in the field of care management and is structured to review and reflect on core information essential for care management practice. Presentations are based on content domains, not the exam. Exam Prep Course content is reviewed annually by the Education Council to reflect current practice, but is not affiliated with exam development, actual exam content, or any work done by the Examination Committee. Taking this webinar series, or any other prep course, will not guarantee a passing score. Participating may, however, build test-taking confidence.

The CMC exam has been carefully vetted, standardized and validated. It does not primarily rely on rote memorization. You will need to apply your knowledge by answering multiple choice questions written by seasoned professionals who work in a wide array of care management practice settings.

You should expect to find questions that are answered easily with great certainty and other questions that seem harder and are answered with less certainty. It is common to feel nervous when taking an exam. We hope this series helps you feel more prepared and confident.

Please be aware that NACCM has no association with any outside entity offering CMC examination preparatory courses or materials. These entities operate entirely independent of NACCM. Candidates for the CMC examination should exercise care in determining the quality and value of these products and services prior to making any purchase.