The mission of the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) is to support a high level of competence in the practice of care management through the administration of a formal certification and recertification program.

NACCM seeks to advance the quality of care management services in home and community based services care by:

  • Ensuring individual competence to perform the full range of care management tasks by using a valid, standardized examination that tests the skills, knowledge, and practice ethics needed to serve consumers.
  • Promoting and enhancing the provision of both quality care management and other services delivered to the consumer.
  • Strengthening the education and training of Care Managers.
  • Protecting and empowering consumers of care management services through consumer education.
  • Educating organizations, allied health professions, and policy makers regarding the functions, training, certification, and importance of care management.
  • Encouraging participation in continuing education and professional development.