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“I have been a Certified Care Manager, through NACCM, since 2004. One of the many benefits of this certification in my business is that the certification opens the door to Long Term Care Insurances. LTC insurances immediately accept my credibility as a Professional in the field of Care Management and Care Coordination, making my work reimbursable for our clients. Over the years, I have had many clients who have accessed their LTC insurance for home care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home payments. This additional benefit, that families are also being reimbursed for Care Management services because of my Certification, is a huge marketing opportunity for me and can extend the ability for a client to remain with the services they receive because of a reduced cash flow for payment of my services. LTC insurances recognize the experience and knowledge in the Domains of Care Management tasks that are reflected in this Certification.”

Mary Kay Krokowski BSN, MA
Former Board member, National Academy of Certified Care Managers
Former member, Aging Life Care Association