Take the Next Step in Your Career

Become a Care Manager Certified through the
National Academy of Certified Care Managers

Certifying knowledgeable, qualified, and ethical professional care managers.

Certification is evidence of a care manager’s commitment to
•    Quality care, support, and services to clients and families
•    Continuity of care
•    Quality of life
•    Professional development and continuous learning
•    A person-centered care system that is holistic in its approach

Certification demonstrates a care manager’s competency in
•    Aging and disability issues
•    Community services and resources
•    Chronic disease management
•    Benefits and financing options
•    Legal and ethical concerns
•    Special needs and advocacy
•    Family and individual support

Certification enhances a care manager’s professional future by
•    Being identified with this prestigious credential
•    Attracting quality referral sources seeking high competency and quality practitioners
•    Increasing opportunities for securing a job, career advancement, and increased earnings

TO LEARN MORE about eligibility requirements and how to apply to take the exam, please visit naccm.net or call NACCM at 520.884.4240.