The National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) requires renewal of certification every three (3) years. The recertification process ensures that the Care Manager Certified (CMC) maintains care management practice and continues to expand his/her care management knowledge.

Criteria for Recertification

In order to renew, CMCs must:The Care Manager Certification demonstrates competency list

1.  Provide care management service as a care manager, care manager supervisor, administrator of a care management program, or consultant to a care management program throughout the three (3) year certification period.

2.  Earn approximately 15 contact hours of continuing education per year for a total of 45 hours over the three (3) year certification period.

3.  Provide recertification form, CE summary forms and any additional documentation that is required.

The CMC must submit recertification documentation and the recertification fee by the deadline listed in the recertification notification email.  Recertifications received after the deadline are subject to a late fee. Upon approval of the application, a new certificate is mailed to the CMC.

Recertification Fees